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  • A special bag-Chicken wings
  • A special bag-Fried Spare Rib
  • A special bag-Chicken neck
  • A special bag-LiRen
  • A special bag-Goji berries
  • A special bag-Black currant
  • A special bag-Tea bag
  • A special bag-Independent from the bag

     Printing industry rookie——Jiangsu HuaYue new packaging materials co., LTD,Is located in known as“Shui yun ancient capital”Known as jiangsu SiHong,Covers an area of thirty thousand square meters,The total investment1.5One hundred million yuan,Fixed assets of ninety million yuan,With employees120People,Is a large tech enterprise specialized in the production of various types of packaging products。The company mainly produces salesCPPStretch film、Vacuum high-temperature cooking bags、Aluminum foil bag、Frozen food bag、Avoiding food bag,Big bag、ZhongZiDai、Bags and other packaging,Attracted great river north and south to visitors。    Into the HuaYue,Printing industry the latest level。Companies strive to build a highly innovative technology research and development team,Introduces the current domestic advanced high-speed gravure printing,Dry compound machine、Fully automatic bag making machine、High speed cutting machine and check machine and other equipment,Top in the industry,Can be customized all kinds of prepress design for the customer、Plate making、Molding printing services。We by the first-class technology and equipment、Efficient management mode、Win-win service concept to build HuaYue high-end quality of printing industry。Customer satisfaction,Is our HuaYue people eternal pursuit。    God reward those who work hard,Social commitment。HuaYue has been adhering to the printing industry“Honest with each other,Intersect with the letter,Mutual benefit and win-win results”Business enterprise aim,To follow“We do business,Practical for development”The spirit of enterprise,Constantly blaze new trails,Strive for perfection。    The sea rich by diving,Days fly high as a bird。The HuaYue people believe:Through unremitting efforts,HuaYue printing industry will be in the rapid development of the road,Dominant。

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