SiliconpuThe benefits of the stadium
A、Environmental protection siliconePU,Special structure and materials:1,、One-component siliconePUElastic material can be directly in mixed suspected soil cement construction,Do not drum,Don't take off a layer2、Bending can be arbitrary,Strong extensibility,Beyond the tradition3、Can override cement mixed suspected small cracks on the soil4、Environmental protection siliconePU,Because of its extremely strong structure and connection,Thus has special excellent elongation,The fouling resistance,Ageing resistance,Wear resistance and scratch resistance。2、The so-called green siliconpuThe stadium,Is adopted German technology in the originalpuOn the basis of the material,Reuse of interpenetrating polymer network technology development of a new generation of modified silicap
SiliconPUCourse materialsPUThe course material difference and advantage
In our life, we often can see the basketball court、The tennis court、Volleyball courts and other different kinds of the stadium,Generally USES silicon plastic stadiumPU、PUAnd acrylic materials,The siliconPUAnd the pitchPUWhat is the difference between pitch and characteristics,A lot of friends all know siliconPURatioPUFor the better,But the difference is not very clear,Sheng below give you a detailed interpretation。  SiliconPUUsed as a new sports venues materials cost is low,Have a good buffer and range of motion,On basis of sticky relay is strong,Can automatic leveling,The construction is simple,After construction chemical performance is stable,Is not easy to produce the problem such as air bubbles。  SiliconPU
Shandong plastic runway construction procedure
Because of the climate,Plastic runway construction slightly different from region to region,So what is the construction steps of shandong plastic runway?1Before the test pavement construction:First the polyurethane plastic runway respectively according to the production of two component materials used for the batch order,Then separately gel sampling based on environmental conditions in the field experiment and drawing into glue。2Surface treatment:Cleaning up、Leveling。Plastic to fill in the local area of sag and uneven places,To ensure that the surface roughness,To ensure the smooth drainage。3Semi-finished products4Glue shop process including:Die hammer is real、Ingredients、Stir、Feeding、Feeding、Paving、Trimming process, etc。5The mould of the nail