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    Welcome to my company's web site!
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Navigation brick machine equipment
 XQY10-50_Brick making machine
 XQY8-40_Hollow brick machine
 XQY6-24_Cement block machine
 XQY4-26_Environmental protection brick machine
 XQY3-10_Baking-free brick machine
 XQY4-26B Semi-automatic block machine
 XQY8000_Concrete hydraulic press
 QT10-50 Brick making machine
 XQY3000A_Hydraulic press
 XJY1000_The static pressure machine
 Automatic brick machine block production line
 PLSeries--Batching system
 JSSeries--A blender
 Cement powder tank and accessories equipment
 Plate series
 Transportation、Transport vehicle
 XQY12-60The type of brick machine
 XJY600_The static pressure machine
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Contact information
Baking-free brick machine  
The brick machine  
Baking-free brick machine  
The brick machine  
Baking-free brick machine  
XQY3-10_Baking-free brick machine
XQY8000_Concrete hydraulic press
QT10-50_Brick making machine
XQY3000A_Hydraulic press
XJY1000The type of static pressure machine
Automatic brick machine block production line
PLSeries--Batching system
Cement powder tank and accessories equipment
The enterprise culture
  Quanzhou carp city association, xing machinery manufacturing co., LTD from China,The home of the dragon。Xing from quanzhou,Located in the southeast coast of fujian,Address minnan golden triangle。Quanzhou north-south street connecting the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta two big economic zones,In the east of Taiwan,Western union vast inland hinterland,Is a business booming coastal city in China。
    Hing company is a strength of the company,Honest、Respect for talent、Development and innovation,Has been formed their own cultural ideas and running mechanism。Association and market-oriented,Based on the requirement of the customer real benchmarking,To measure our each work。
    The factory more than a decade,With a spirit,Relying on the masses of customers and the support of friends,Start from zero,Development to the present,The company covers an area of6000More than square,Governs the brick factory、Brick mold factory,All kinds of professional equipment more than one hundred sets,Office buildings、Workshop、Staff dormitory hard and soft facilities, etc。Specializing in the production of baking-free brick machine、Cement block machine、Hollow brick machine、Brick making machine,Environmental protection brick machine,Brick molding machine、Hydraulic brick machine of the leading companies。Association with brick machine is evaluated by the personage inside course of study——The machine tool that laid the golden eggs!
    Xing is a professional company,In the past ten years in cement products machinery industry,Has established a relatively perfect technical innovation、Production and manufacturing、Quality control、The marketing and after-sales service system。The design concept of science,Advanced product technology,The complete production equipment,Mature production technology,Strict detection means,Combined with professional team and perfect management,Make a baking-free brick machine、Cement block machine、The excellent quality of brick and hollow brick machine;Good service concept and service support,From customer trouble back at home。
    Xing machinery the pursuit of excellence and perfection,“Not biggest,But for the best”,Toward the goal,We have been working on!Our desire is:“Sincere cooperation,With you!”
    Grand environmental causes,A long way to go。Association, and is willing to work with domestic customers and friends from all walks of life,Work together,Deduce new wonderful together!
    All our brick machine specifications、Variety、Leading quality、Considerate service,At home and abroad to win the user's praise。Please remember our permanent domain name  Association with brick machine contact phone number:0595-22472787
.....[Click to see more of xing company profile]
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The brick machine
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