Wood industry co., LTD., established in linyi zhijun countries1997Years,Is China one of its early sexual sheet professional manufacturers。After years of credit management,Research and development of production,The company's board for coverage 24Provinces4A municipality directly under the central government2A special administrative region5An autonomous region 、Established extensive business relations of cooperation,For China's reform and opening up and making an important contribution to the development of building materials in China。         

    International trade and domestic trade is the traditional main business of the company。Deadline2017Years accumulative total import and export the United States、The United Kingdom、France、Germany、Japan、South Korea、Australia India and so on,The wood sheet China towards the world。     

    The company's main products are:Various thickness of fire doors、Three-ply board、Plywood、Avoid lacquer board、Stick wood board、Ecological board、Veneers, etc, High quality production experience and a variety of plate type of advantage!