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Hefei wing elevator co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful ZiPengShan feet,There are maintenance personnel in every district in hefei。Only merlin at the elevator installation and maintenance of all products。The company depends on the business philosophy of honesty and perfect after-sales service,We win the agreement of Chinese and foreign enterprises praise,Wing on timing、The right place、And make the benefit of its rapidly become a dazzling new star in the elevator industry。The company has advanced production equipment and exquisite processing technology,A engaged in elevator design、Manufacturing、Installation and maintenance of high-quality professional and technical personnel,Our company application of advanced technology,As well as the high safety standards、Durable quality、Elegant appearance and advanced technology and advanced service concept。The company's products is rich,Can satisfy diversified customers' needs,Products covered by the passenger elevator、Freight elevator、Sightseeing elevator、The bed elevator、Hydraulic elevator、Car elevator、Small machineroom elevator、Machineroomless elevator、Escalator、Automatic sidewalks、General cargo elevator, 11 series products and adopts advanced intelligent control of the entire computer,Form for product sales and services network management,Ensure customer without look back。In the information、Internationalization、Diversity in the society,Every cities and regions in the pursuit of personalized functions and features。Of course,Suzhou f elevator is no exception。...

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Home elevator is installed in a private house,Only for the use of a single member of the family of the elevator。It can also be installed in a single family to use within the building,As a single...
Want to let the elevator can normal for people to the function of its service,At the same time has a better experience,So when the elevator installation must follow...
Hefei manned elevator microcomputer control is intelligent、Automation equipment,Do not need special personnel to driving operation,As long as the ordinary passengers according to the following procedures and operations...