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Hartcourt was founded1988Years,Is the collection of oil refining、The new material、Specialty chemicals、Medicine、Financial in an integrated chemical enterprise group,The group existing staff4000People,The enterprises in China500To be strong280positio。
Dongying city heiko new source chemical co., LTD as heiko group medicine、Food、Electronic level customers specialty chemicals company,Was established2002Years。Mainly for the medicine、Food、Electrolyte、Cosmetics、Flavoring、The tobacco industry customers with high quality products:The electrolyte solvent(DMC、EMC、DEC、PC、EC)、Medicine\Food grade propylene glycol、Food grade isopropyl alcohol、A dipropylene glycol、Industrial-grade dimethyl carbonate、Isopropyl alcohol、Propylene glycol、Diisopropyl ether, etc,At the same time to provide customers with comprehensive、Professional technical services。

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    Tobacco:Can be used as cigarette flavor、 Tobacco moisturizing factor、 Preservative, etc。
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    Medicine:Can be used as drug carrier、 Particles drug agents, etc。
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    Food additives:Can be used as essence、 Edible pigment solvent、 Food packaging softener、 Food anti-sticking agent, etc。
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    Cosmetics:Can be used as a cosmetic、The moisturizing agent such as toothpaste、Softener、Solvent, etc。
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    Industry:Nike air cushion、 Wind power fan blades。 Life:All kinds of cosmetics moisturizing agent and surfactant。 Widely used in the field of perfume。
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    Medicine: Isopropyl alcohol can be used as antibiotics、 Vitamin extraction agent and medicine capsule cleaner, etc。
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    Pesticides:Isopropyl alcohol is mainly used for the preparation of paddy herbicide simetryne and on the grass, The preparation of water net dry field herbicide, grass, etc。
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    Coatings:Can be used as a nitrocellulose lacquer、 Butyral resin paint and solvents such as amino acid resin coating。
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    Oil fuel additive:Can prevent car 、 The plane of the carburetor in icy cold weather conditions,Ensure the normal operation of low temperature environment。
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    Ionic conduction:Lithium battery electrolyte solvent, Used for mobile phone batteries、 Laptop batteries、 Electric bicycle and other new energy electronic equipment
Cosmetics use chemicals

Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol、A dipropylene glycol、Glycerin solvent, etc、Surfactant、New type of preservatives、 Combination effect active substances。

Medicine and food chemicals of accessories

Pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol、 Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol、 Dimethyl acetamide drugs such as solvent、 Stabilizers and excipients

Electronic chemicals

Battery chemicals

The electrolyte solvent(PC、 DEC、 EMC、 DMC、 EC), Carboxylic acid ester solvent such as propyl propionate, Propionic acid ethyl ester、 High voltage fluoride solvent、New type of sulfur additive

The development layout
The whole process integrated operation

  • Strict supplier system audit;Strict raw material quality control。AdoptedABBThe company advancedDCSDistributed control system,But at the same time2000Multiple production to strictly control the point。

  • Agilent introduced the United States、The Japanese island ferry、Brooke gas chromatography in the United States、Swiss wantong moisture meter,The United States perkin Elmer atomic absorption and other advanced imported analysis instruments。Adopting the advanced laboratory management system—STARLIMS,To ensure the reliability of the whole process of analysis。

  • Using mettler Tory more fully automatic filling line,Can achieve more accurate specification requirements、 Automatic filling。According to theGMPStandard, Construction putting-in-service proactively "C+A" Clean rooms , To achieve high standards in the whole process of the filling process。Have at home12A storage base, All over the country's logistics transportation system。Global international logistics system, The goods can reach all important ports in the world。Full implementation “Unattended one cartoon” Service system , The goods distribution accurately、 Efficient。Marketing services, Adhering to the “Smile、 Sincere、 Quickly、 High quality” The idea of , To provide customers with one-stop service, To build a five-star service system。

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