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  • Address:Wuxi JingSheng Qian Qiao street road20Number
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  • Changgelzyq88Co., LTD., founded in2001Years,Is located in107National highway and Peng Hua road of keeping beauty of logistics park。The company covers an area of3500㎡,The construction area2000㎡,The existing staff53People,Fixed assets629Ten thousand yuan;Has now developed into a set research and development,Production,Marketing in a body,A“Lao zi rich888Register link”A complete set of production equipment for the leading product series,Facing the whole country development of franchising comprehensive enterprise。Since1999Years successfully developed China's first meeting machine today,Companies rely on independent innovation,Has successfully developed20Many of flour products patented technology in the field of equipment,Among them...

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    This is our wealth,We also value,Also we everything for customers with quality products motivation and beliefs。

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    Companies adhering to the“The customer is supreme、Forge ahead”The management idea。Won many honors,We will, as always,Efforts to create brilliant!

    Glass coating processing, glass lining reactor loss and confusion…

    Glass lining reactor,On this website,I believe you won't feel strange,Because,The site has been for the work and study,In order to make…

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    • The spirit of enterpriseMotivate them to strive for、Pragmatic innovation
    • Business philosophyThe customer is supreme、Good faith for this
    • Service tenetCustomer satisfaction is our goal
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