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   Ningbo celebrity style supplies co., LTD., located in harbour city fashion——Ningbo。Over the years with our keen fashion sense of smell,Professional design team,Strict production management system and excellent pre-market after-sales service,Won the domestic and international numerous customers' trust and support。We always adhere to the“The good faith first,Mutually beneficial win-win”Idea of cooperation,“Original,The nature,Security”The core and the products“Contracted and not simple”The design concept,Conscientiously,Attention,With love and the professional to create value。We firmly believe that only love,Can be great。
    Hi Pack,Our journey is the ocean!

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Sales hotline:0574-27950032 /87083937/27950037

Fax number:0574-27950581

A business manager:13336873961(Mobile phone number and WeChat)

Business department manager xu:13567846965(Mobile phone number and WeChat)

Miss Yang after-sales service department:15394302677(Mobile phone number)

The company address:Zhejiang ningbo city haishu district open street437Number

Address:Ningbo haishu district open street437Number The phone:0574-27950032
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