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    Steel structure building5A practical method
    1Change the graphics reinforcement method for steel structure using the load distribution、Power transmission path、The node properties and boundary conditions,Add additional bar and support、Prestressing、Considering space to work and other measures to reinforce the structure。Change the structure of the general method for computing graphics:(1)Added support to form a spatial structure and spatial structure according to the calculation, increased structural stiffness or adjust the structure of the natural frequency of vibration, etc,In order to improve the bearing capacity of structure and improvement of structural dynamic characteristics;(2)Additional support or auxiliary bar,Make the structure of the slenderness ratio in order to improve its stability;(3)Key to add in the bent frame structure...


    Steel structure manufacture quality did not meet requirements
    Cutting、Blanking  In cutting、When cutting,Flange plate width different size,CauseHPayments do not agree with the size of the bracket,Contact the bracket of the steel beam flange up and down about a thickness plate dislocation;Cutting edge has a deeper cut marks,Edge has obvious sag,Or have a deeper sawtooth print,Cutting roughness,Edge cutting not verticality jigsaw,Joining together the wrong side, etc。  2Assembly When in the assembly,WeldingHSteel without assembly jig,CauseHSection height size deviation,Web center;Wing web after docking,Weld flattening,There is a clear bump;Light steel web plate is not flat,Before the assembly is not correct。  3Welding In the aspect of welding,...


    Caigang rock wool board characteristics and applicable scope
    Caigang rock wool composite panels on craft by the bonding pressure、Trimming、Pressure tank、Blanking,Form the tongue-and-groove type composite board,Integral sex is good,High stiffness and impact resistant、The shear mechanical properties and thermal insulation、Heat insulation、Sound insulation、Moistureproof, etc。The plate length is not restricted,Can reach12Meters above,Completely conform to the requirements of the technology in the design of the fire。And overcome the previous board does not have enough integrity and stiffness、Bending and impact resistant performance is poorer。    Caigang rock wool sandwich composite panels:Is the color steel plate surface,Rock wool、Fire protection、Flame retardant insulation material as core layer of new building materials。With light weight、Good heat insulation,Sound-absorbing and sealing good save...


    How to effectively improve the fitting accuracy of steel structure workshop
        In the construction industry,As steel structure workshop use more and more popular,Steel structure workshop production、With more attention paid to the transportation and installation technology,At the same time also get rapid development and continuous improvement。How to further improve the production and installation precision of steel structure workshop,Reduce the cost,Is a topic in front of steel structure factory building industry。Now the related national standards and industry standards have made a lot of rules in this regard,From the components under the expected completion of each step requirements are put forward。 From raising the installation precision of steel structure workshop,For production、Transportation、Installed in the main links such as must be attached gr