Market prospect

Synthesis of civil gas is to several common special equipment to produce chemical raw materials approved by the scientific formula and synthesis of a new type of environmental civil liquid gas,Method of use and liquefied petroleum gas are exactly the same,Use effect is better。具...

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The national patent

The patent number:2014204441691,The utility model provides a hybrid converter,Including tanks,Described on the tank is equipped with export primary input tube into the bottom of the tank,The main input pipe inlet connection is flammable...

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Method of cooperation

In order to achieve the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Convenient to the masses of customers delivery smoothly,I company scientific research personnel specialized organization design a variety of models、Economy is applicable the synthetic civil gas full set of production equipment,This equipment can produce...

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Investment in factories

A、Production conditions Field:Small production site50~80m2(Production workshop10m2),Drainage systems、Electricity、Ventilation、The weather、Shading、Fire protection Can Water:Civil tap water The electricity:Chaozhou for civilian use(220V)...

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Company introduction

   Xiangyang can until gas co., LTD is a professional engaged in chemical industry、New energy of environmental protection(Synthesis of liquefied petroleum gas)、 Energy saving product research and development and production of related products、Promotion of energy-saving high-tech entity enterprise。 The company has a group of high-tech professional and technical personnel,Research and development strength is very strong,Relying on strong scientific research strength and their own talent、 Equipment、The funds、The advantages of the technology,In the chemical synthetic fuel、Biofuels、 Civil application field of synthesis of liquefied petroleum gas,Will modern energy-saving technology to a new height。 Companies have many years to focus on energy conservation and environmental protection fuel synthesis of liquefied petroleum gas technology research and development and promotion of experience, Through the long-term production practice and the user's feedback in practical application,Completed dozens of technological innovation, Pioneer in the courage and boldness of vision,In the field of new energy technology, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment to obtain the fruits...